Skin Care Sets ( Dry & Combination Skin Types )

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Hydra-Berry Cleanser

  • Easily get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup
  • Soothes and keep the skin Hydrates
  • It softens the skins on consistent use
  • Protects the skin from damage caused by environmental stressors

  • Golden Honey Exfoliator

    • Helps to regenerate skin cells and remove impurities
    • Provides exfoliation of the surface
    • Moisturizes the skin
    • Provides the skin with helpful minerals
    • Has no side effect
    • Has a Heavenly Honey Vanilla Scent
    Hyaluronic Veil Moisturizer
    • Provides multi-layered moisture
    • Improves the appearance of fine lines
    • Absorbs quickly
    • Plumps skins appearance

    Daily Application

    Apply Cleanser and Moisturizer Daily Morning and Night.
    Apply Exfoliator two to three times weekly.