About Us

La Lune Cosmetique®

Founder & CEO Mirlina Jean Mary believes that all skin should be treated with respect. And regardless of skin tone, makeup should be accessible for anyone who desires to indulge in it. Therefore, with this belief and a passion for educating others on the skin care basics, Mirlina stepped out and did something about it. Hence, La Lune Cosmetique was birthed in November of 2017.

Already making its mark in the skincare world, this company is known for its liquid matte lipstick. This is a 24-hour waterproof wear that doesn’t smear or crack up. And the best part about it is that this product, along with the entire line, is Paraben and Cruelty Free, but most importantly made in the United States. Our total Skincare line is plant based and crafted with care using organic formulas.

Reliability in beautiful skin care deserves to be a one-stop shop. From cleansers and exfoliates to scrubs and serums, we have exactly what you need for your makeup and skin care needs.

Mirlina wants everyone to have the healthy, vibrant skin they deserve. Face by face, person by person, she will do just that! That is the epitome of La Lune Cosmetique – Because the Moon Shines, and so Should Your Skin Be; therefore, we want you to Shine Like the Moon