La Lune Cosmetique

Golden Honey Exfoliator


Product Description

The quality of your appearance depends on how your skin outer layer looks like. When you leave it untreated it can result in a rough and aged appearance because of the accumulated dead skin. However, the dead cell buildup can be reduced through the help of Golden Honey exfoliation; that delivers a mild exfoliation. It contains ingredients like Honey and Vanilla that gives aromatic treasure and pleasure to the sense.

Amber is the mechanical exfoliating ingredient of the Golden Honey Exfoliator. Amber has both chemical and unique physical characteristics as it is a fossilized tree resin, which aids effective exfoliation. Amber elegantly complements the honey and vanilla ingredients, as it provides a subtle and attractive pine resin scent.



  • Helps to regenerate skin cells and remove impurities
  • Provides exfoliation of the surface
  • Provides the skin with helpful minerals
  • Has a heavenly Honey Vanilla aScent

    Product Application
    It can be utilized 2 to 3 times a week (Not back to back use)

    Suited for all Skin Types
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