La Lune Cosmetique

Lip Luster Therapy


Product Description

The external layer of your skin lips manage the nature of your appearance. Left untreated, dead cells can gather at first glance, bringing about a harsh and matured appearance to your lips. 

The Strawberry Jojoba Seed Scrub is a delicate exfoliator lip scrub that utilizes Amber granules to convey a gentle exfoliation. With the euphoric increments of Honey and Vanilla fixings, this sweet-smelling treasure is a joy to the senses that leaves your lips feeling delicate, smooth, and completely restored.



  • Expels dead cells and polluting influences
  • Provides a gentle peeling of the surface
  • Moisturizes the Lips
  • Delivers accommodating minerals to the Lips
  • Is protected and non-aggravating

Product Application

Use two to three times weekly

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