Lip Luster Therapy

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Product Description

The external layer of your skin lips manage the nature of your appearance. Left untreated, dead cells can gather at first glance, bringing about a harsh and matured appearance to your lips. 

The Strawberry Jojoba Seed Scrub is a delicate exfoliator lip scrub that utilizes Amber granules to convey a gentle exfoliation. With the euphoric increments of Honey and Vanilla fixings, this sweet-smelling treasure is a joy to the senses that leaves your lips feeling delicate, smooth, and completely restored.



  • Expels dead cells and polluting influences
  • Provides a gentle peeling of the surface
  • Moisturizes the Lips
  • Delivers accommodating minerals to the Lips
  • Is protected and non-aggravating

Product Application

Use two to three times weekly