La Lune Cosmetique

Calming Clay Therapeutic Zinc & Sulfur Mask


Product Description

Your face is usually the first thing seen. So why not take care of it? Just as our bodies need a good detox every now and then, so does our face. La Lune Cosmétique has found the answer - the Calming Clay Therapeutic Zinc & Sulfur Mask.

Aggravating blemishes and oily spots don't stand a chance. This mask draws out the impurities in your skin and helps to repair the beautiful and pure luster. It also locks in moisture and makes it impossible for pores to stay clogged.

Allow the calming and therapeutic power of this mask to help treat your skin's imperfections. Using this mask once or twice per week will allow you to treat your face to a better tomorrow. 

  • Draws out abundance oil and polluting influences from the skin
  • Helps to treat imperfections and problems areas
  • Unclogs pores and prevents future blockage
  • Repairs the normal skin boundary
  • Is Relaxing and therapeutic


Product Application

Can be used once or twice a week

Suited for oily, problematic, congested and blemished prone skin.

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